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Property Title Search

A property title search is a way that you can find out vital information about a property that you want to buy. The title may be held by a number of different authorities, depending upon where the property is located. Most of the time, you’ll end up going through the county’s records to do a property title search. If you’re not located in the same area as the property you want to buy, you can use online resources to do a property title search. There are also paid services that offer more information as part of their package and that are a good option.

The property title search allows you to find out a host of information about the house in question. You can find out, for instance, the amount of tax burden carried by the owners of the property. You can also find out how many times the home was put on the market and how many times it has actually sold over the course of its existence. Realtors usually do a property title search before taking on a listing, just to make sure that they’re not taking on one of the less desirable homes in the local inventory.

You can conduct a property title search online for most counties. This is usually done through a type of database interface. You’ll need the address of the property, at the minimum, and some counties will require that you have a bit more information, as well. The paid services will require the same information, but they allow you to search nationwide instead of countywide, which makes the process easier. If you’re not sure, you can do an address lookup to see what property is the one you need the title for. The paid services can help with this.

Sometimes, a free property title search will return very simplified information. In many cases, it will be in a format that is pretty useless for printing. The paid services can perform a more comprehensive property title search for you for a modest fee. These services will provide the full records, allowing you to skip the step of calling the county after you’ve already run the basic search on your own. Particularly if you need more than one title search done, these services can save quite a bit of time that you’d otherwise spend making phone calls and sending emails.

A property title search is a good way to make sure that you have all of your bases covered before you start seriously looking at a home. When you know how many times it’s changed hands, and so forth, you’ll have a better idea of how much the property is actually worth in terms of desirability. The free services oftentimes don’t include this information in their results. Paid services will have this type of information, and much more, included. Nationwide search options also make it easier to do a property title search in areas where the township or municipal boundaries aren’t always obvious.

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