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Land Title Search

Conducting a land title search used to require a trip to the county offices and, quite often, it required that you asked the county workers to retrieve the documents for you once you located the information you needed. In most counties, you can do a land title search online today. These searches are one of the basic tools you’ll need when you decide that you’re interested in a particular piece of property. The title gives you insight into the history of the property and makes it easier for buyer and seller to start working together.

If you’re in the same county as the parcel that you’re interested in, you can oftentimes save a bit of time by just going to the county offices to conduct your land title search. You can pull the records in advance and, when you hand them off to the county workers, it will be that much easier for them to find what you need. There will almost always be a fee involved for pulling the records you need, so be sure to bring a few dollars with you to accommodate this. You can usually find the fee on the same site where you do the land title search.

The land title search will contain a great deal of information about the property. One of the most important things you’ll want to check is the amount of times that the land has changed hands over the years. This will give you an idea of how much the value of the land has actually grown over time, as well. This is a good way to use the land title search information to make sure that you’re not being given an exaggerated impression of the property by the realtor involved.

The land title search is also a good way to find out about a piece of property before you’ve decided that you want it. If you just have the address and want to investigate whether or not it’s a good deal for you, you can conduct the search and get an idea of how the property has performed over the years. The land title search will also give you accurate information about the boundaries of the property and what rights it comes with, such as those related to water and so forth.

A land title search almost always returns enough useful information to justify the very modest prices that counties will usually charge you for the documents. They’re a great way to get a bit out in front of any realtors who are handling the deal: It’s always good to have your own information. If there are disputes over the boundaries of the land and so forth, they will oftentimes be a part of the parcel’s records, and this can be very important information to have. If you prefer, most counties can conduct the land title search for you. You just give them the address of the property in question and they do the work.

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