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Online Title Search

If you’re looking into homes for investments or residences, you’ll want to learn how to do an online title search. If you use the Internet, even casually, the process will not be foreign to you. You’ll be working with a database, usually from the county or city that the property is situated in. If you want more official records, you’ll have to request them from the authority that applies after you complete your search for the title. You should be able to perform this service without paying anyone, though some of the services are very good and can eliminate a lot of hassle.

Online Title Search Basics

To search a database, whether it’s for an online title search or not, you’ll need very little information. Provided that you have the address, you should be able to pull up the owner’s name from the database without any difficulties. Problems arise, however, when you’re information is non-specific. Make sure that you have the address correct in every regard, including whether it’s on a street, boulevard, lane or so forth. As long as the address is correct, your online title search should go off without a hitch.

Refining the Results of a Search

You may find that far more records than you expected will come up in your online title search. Not all counties are consistent with their recordkeeping and, for some counties, even having this information available digitally is a fairly new thing. This makes it difficult, in some cases, to narrow down results. The worst case scenarios involve duplicated addresses in the database. Remember that this does not necessarily mean that those actual records are incorrectly written. Think of an online title search as a card catalog: It allows you to find the information you need, but is not in and of itself that information.

Adding the Human Touch to a Title Search

Whether or not your online title search is easy, you’ll need to deal with a county or municipal agency to get the information you need in an official form. If you want a copy of any records for legal purposes, make sure that they’re notarized. The county will usually do this for a small fee on top of the fee for providing the paper copies. If you only need this paperwork for yourself, you can get away with just getting a copy from the county, assuming the records held online aren’t complete.

Where you can do an Online Title Search

If you can’t find a webpage for the county where you want to do an online title search, you might want to hire a service to do it for you. They’re usually experienced enough to know when a dead end has been hit, and how to back out of it so they can find the records they need. Most often, however, an online title search is something you can do for yourself. It’s step one if you want to contact the owner about selling their house.

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