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Property Deed Search

A property deed search is easier to do than it’s ever been. If you’re interested in a property for investment or as a place to live, you have to take this step. This is the only real way to verify that the seller with whom you’re dealing has the right to sell the property. You can do a property deed search online, in most counties, or you can do them the old-fashioned way: by going to the county clerk’s office. Either way, the process is inexpensive, fairly easy and should pose no real difficulties for anyone.

Doing a property deed search online will oftentimes involve checking the site of the county where the property is located. The tax assessor’s office will likely have this information on their site, though there may be a special section on some county’s sites. There are so many people who need to do a property deed search on a regular basis—realtors, investors and so forth—that this is one of the areas where even rural counties tend to have their records available in digital form.

Doing the property deed search online has benefits and disadvantages. You may be able to find the records you need lightning-fast, and this has obvious advantages. Even if there are several properties that come up in a search, it’s usually easy enough to filter through them to find the right one. The results of such a property deed search, however, will not be official. As a general rule, anything that’s not printed out and provided by the county is suitable only for your personal records, not for legal or financial purposes. For that, you need a notarized copy of the relevant paperwork so that the information is accurate beyond a doubt.

You’ll be surprised at how much information about a home is public record. In addition to the property deed search, you can search for specific tax information and other information that may be vital to the sale. The property deed search can oftentimes be done along with these other information requests. The more information you can find on your own, the easier it will be for the people at the county offices to help you find the rest of it. There are services that can do this work for you, as well, if you don’t want to deal with all of it yourself.

If you’re going to use a private lender to fund your purchase, a property deed search will be part of the process. This will most certainly be a part of getting title insurance on a property. If you have questions about what information you need to do a property title search—it may be more complex in rural areas because of inconsistent addresses—you can usually just ask the county what will make the process go faster. Getting official copies of any of these documents will usually only cost a few dollars and, if needed, a self-addressed stamped envelope from you.

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