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Real Estate Title Search

The old cliché about shady business people having a bridge to sell you demonstrates the necessity of doing a real estate title search. If you’re exploring the idea of purchasing a property, a title search is one of the most important steps to take. This involves pulling records from the county where the home is located. It’s not showing distrust of the seller when you do a real estate title search. You have the right to see the paperwork yourself and to not take anyone’s word for it when so much money is on the line.

A real estate title search is very important under certain circumstances. In the case that a home is being sold by a couple who are getting divorced, there may be issues related to the ownership of the property that could have a significant effect on the ease of the transaction. Conducting a real estate title search beforehand ensures that you’re not caught in the middle of a bad situation where someone is being shut out of their justified interest in the home. It can also make sure that you don’t become the victim of any debts incurred by the homeowner.

People borrow money against their equity in their home very often. A real estate title search ensures that you’re not making a down payment on a home that is, in reality, owned by a private lender or by the county due to unpaid property taxes. The real estate title search, and having the paperwork that it returns on hand, is the best way to ensure that the person from whom you’re buying the house is being on the level with you regarding the transaction. While it’s nice to think of everyone as being honest, this is not always the case where real estate is concerned.

You can do a real estate title search for most properties over the Internet, by yourself. Most counties have digitized their records over the years. The catch is that not all of the digitized records are complete. For instance, you may to a real estate title search and come up with a record that says that the person you’re dealing with does have their name on the title, but this may not reveal liens or other vital information. You can usually contact the county to get the complete records for the property. There is usually a fee involved.

Any private lender will do a real estate title search before they write a loan for a property. This will also be done if you purchase title insurance, which you should, even if you’re dealing privately with the seller. A real estate title search is the only way for you to make sure that the property you’re buying is being sold legitimately. Without taking this step, you may find yourself the proud owner of the previous homeowner’s debts and other problems. Between title insurance and a thorough search of relevant records, you can be certain of the solidity of the deal.

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