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Who Lives at this Address?

If you’re new to real estate investing, you may well find yourself wondering “Who lives at this address?” when you see a lot of properties. This is because some of the most desirable—and oftentimes luxury—homes on the market are second homes or vacation homes. Oftentimes, the people who call that house their temporary or vacation home work very hard to keep people from finding out who lives at this address.

Step 1: Who lives at this address seasonally?

If the home you’re looking at is a seasonal home, such as in a vacation community, there may be significant barriers to finding out who lives at this address. The community that it belongs to may be very exclusive and finding out from them who lives at this address may be like pulling teeth. Fortunately, wealthy people are held to the same rules of public records as are everyone else. Even vacation homes will be listed in the county’s tax records, with the owner’s name and permanent address, in most cases.

Step 2: Who lives at this address at all?

There are some great homes out there that have no residents. In some cases, this may be because the former resident has passed on or because the family has moved and not yet made a serious effort at selling. First, check the MLS to see if the house is on the market at all. If it’s not, you can find out who lives at this address by contacting the county or municipality that applies. Even if the lights are never on, the house will be owned by someone, though it may not be an individual or a family.

Step 3: Who owns this address after foreclosure?

Because of the market crash in 2008, there are a lot of homes out there that were foreclosed upon. This sort of situation may be one when you really find yourself asking “Who lives at this address?” There are some ways to find out, though, by using the same resources. If you want to skip looking through the county records, you can always check the foreclosure listings to see if the home has been listed. If it’s up for sale, you should find it on the MLS. Buying these homes may require you to work with a realtor, as there will be no homeowner left who has authority over the house.

Finding out Who Lives at this Address

You can use the county databases to scour the records to find out the answer to the question of who lives at this address? You might also try being a bit creative. For instance, if you just do a general search for the address, you may find that the homeowner has their name listed on web pages, such as for a petition they may have signed or other public resources. This is a good way to do a bit of legwork on your own. Once you get the answer, you can contact the owner about selling.

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