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Who owns this Property?

Answering the question “who owns this property?” is essentially the same process, no matter what property may be at issue. There are a number of public records where this information is recorded. You can also use the Internet to do some creative intelligence gathering that may help you figure out who owns this property that you’re interested in. Because tax matters are always public record, finding out oftentimes starts with a visit to county or municipal offices, whether it’s online or off.

Finding out Who Owns this Property from the Tax Assessor

All tax records are matters of public record. Making tax records publically available, in fact, is one of the cornerstones of a free and open government. Oftentimes, when you find a house you like and want to know who owns this property, you can find out from the county clerk. They’re responsible for keeping all the records related to transactions involving property. They have the entire history of titles going back to when the county was formed, so finding a contemporary property’s owner is usually only a matter of knowing the address. You can do this on the Internet, in most cases.

Finding out Who Owns this Property Online

To find out who owns this property from the Internet, you’ll likely only need the address. Check with the county in question and find their tax records database. You can usually do an address search in the same way that you’d search any other database, or the Internet in general, for that matter. You simply enter the address into the search engine to find out who owns the property. Remember to pay attention to the address. For example, if you assume that the house is on Elm Street, but it’s actually on Elm Court, you’ll likely have trouble finding the right records.

Finding out Who Owns this Property from the County

You can also ask the county employees about who owns this property. They’ll need the same information that you use in the database, and may encourage you to do a search on the database and to return whatever numbers come up. Some counties have sophisticated record-keeping systems that may make it much faster for the employees to find out who owns the property for you. By doing the database search first, you can simply have them pull the records without them really having to look for it.

Finding out Who Owns this Property Directly

If you know the property is still an active residence, don’t be afraid to leave a note on the door, in the mailbox or on a door-hanger, if you’re an investor. Realtors do this all the time and, sometimes, it will just so happen that the owner has been thinking about selling. If you’ve already taken the time to ask who owns this property, they’ll be much more likely to call you about it when they’re ready to sell. This is a basic technique for anyone hunting for houses on their own.

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